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      February 2015
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    Export Distribution and Export Management Services

    We will discuss your business with you and suggest some ideas in a free, no obligation business review.  The client decides whether to pursue the remodeling of the business through international expansion.  But most of all, the relationship is built on trust.

    Small and medium size businesses must start looking at the export market for survival like the European companies did 50 years ago. At US$ 3,405, the US ranks No. 43 in the world in exports per capita behind Lithuania, Gabon and Poland.  This number must get better for the US to maintain its global economic leadership.


    For small and medium size enterprises, XL Group offers overseas or international distribution operations. We service clients in industries that include utilities, communications, retail, manufacturing, health care,  high-tech, hospitality, professional services.

    Some of the products we have brought onto the European market:

    • Automobile Accessories
    • Blood Pressure Cuffs
    • Color Coded Control Syringes
    • Neuro Introducers
    • Hypothermia Blankets
    • Specialty Bandages
    • Fertilizers (Organic)
    • Windfarms
    • Industrial Anti-Pollution Equipment
    • Guidewires
    • Epidural Syringes
    • Pressure Infuser Sleeves
    • Heat/Cold Therapy Packs
    • Surgical Blades and Knives
    • Animal Feed
    • Designer Iron Furniture

    For those companies that recognize these possibilities, but would rather perform the distribution function themselves, XL Group offers also sales services, market research per country, consulting and educational workshops on business and social culture for specific countries.  Several free videos on exporting are available as well.