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      March 2015
      S M T W T F S

    Export Management

    XL Group delivers International Wholesale Export Distribution, Export Management and New Business Development for all manufacturers.

    XL Group is an export distribution and business development company that adds unquestionable value to manufacturers to grow their businesses by purchasing their products or services for export. XL Group’s preferred solution is to purchase the client’s products and wholesale them through its international network of distributors.  Our focus is on consumable or dispsable products in the commercial sector such as fertilizers, paints, syringes, pressure infusion sleeves, dietary supplements’ ingredients, animal feeds and others, although we will consider any product that can be distributed through regular distribution channels.

    We provide:

    • International Business Development
    • Foreign Market Analysis
    • Export Financing
    • Overseas Wholesale Distribution
    • International Sales & Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Virtual / Offshore Operations
    • Import / Export
    • Logistics
    • Cultural Education
    • Restructuring
    • Export Cash Flow

    Every company should consider exporting to Europe this year.  The US Labor Cost is already 20% lower than the European Labor Cost. Couple that with the very advantageous currency exchange rate, which makes the US Dollar 30% cheaper than the Euro. The US manufacturer has a 50% price advantage over its European competitor.

    XL Group will act as your export sales department buying your products for distribution in those markets.



    International Export Management

    On September 16, 2010 the White House released a report on exports, which is targeted at doubling US exports in the next 5 years by increasing the number of small and mid-sized companies engaged in exporting: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2010/09/16/white-house-releases-report-president-national-export-initiative 

    XL Group recognizes that for most of these small and mid-size companies, this task is daunting.  Where to start?  Translate your marketing material?  Is your product or service subject to regulation?  If so, which one?  What business development is most effective?  Do you know the US export laws?  Do you need a license to export your product?  Will the sales cycle really take 6 times as long as for the US Market?  Where do you get export market information?  How much will the exporting cost ?

    Isn’t it time you did something about it?  

    XL Group will buy your products and export them for you.

    Call XL Group at 214-350-1505 ext 101!